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Searching for garage door repair Rockville MD?Is your garage door difficult to open and close? Is it making strange noises? If so, it might be time for repairs. Fortunately, you can count on the experts at iFix Garage Door Repair to take care of everything for you.

We offer a wide range of services, including garage door maintenance, garage door repair, and installation. So whatever the problem may be, we can solve it quickly and efficiently.

Whether the garage door has malfunctioned or you want to keep it operating at peak performance, we can help. Our team of experts is trained to handle all kinds of residential overhead doors.

Of course, no two garage doors are alike, so there’s no one-size-fits-all repair. Our technicians will assess your particular needs and suggest the best solution for your specific case.

Whether that means adjusting door balances or lubricating rollers, you can rest assured they’ll provide superior service.

Garage door problems are inconvenient no matter what time it is, but especially if you have people waiting outside in the morning trying to get into work on time! That’s why our technicians are available around the clock to make sure quick action is taken.


” There service is outstanding! “

– Ashley

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Contact Jonathan, he’d love to talk with you about your project!

We also provide same day service for customers who are in a pinch due to garage door malfunctions. If you’re unable to open the door, give our experts a call and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your specific situation.

Once on site, we can usually have it working again in no time at all!

Our Rockville MD
garage door repair company offers superior quality products across the board. Whether you want commercial doors or residential ones, you’ll find that our expertise makes us stand out from the competition.

We don’t just repair garage doors; we can install new ones as well if necessary! Our technicians will assess your needs and design a new system that’s tailored specifically to your space and requirements. Our team is fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that all work will be completed without any liability on your part.

We understand how important it is for homeowners to feel confident about the services they’re hiring, which is why we make sure to provide only the best quality garage door repair iFix has to offer.

emergency garage door repair

We also offer reliable parts and labor warranties on all our expert services. This means if an issue arises later down the line, we’ll return at no additional cost to fix it! You can trust that our professional technicians are by your side every step of the way.

For more information or to schedule a service appointment, call iFix Garage Doors in Rockville MD at 240-599-5522 today!

You can also learn more about our services on our website. If you would like, check out some of the most common garage door service that we provide in Rockville Maryland.

Garage Door Repair Near You

The garage is one of the most important parts of your home, but if you live in the Rockville area, there are lots of things that can go wrong with it.

Garage doors are responsible for letting your cars out and letting them back in again. However, they also serve as an entryway to your house – even though they don’t look like much on their own.

Rockville garage door repair by iFix Garage Doors is available to help you with all your garage door needs as well as broken cable replacements and emergency repairs.

garage door off track repair
opener repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

iFix can also assist you with garage door opener repair as well as the installation and replacement of new door openers.

We make sure every job we do is done right and we stand by all our work to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice to go with us!

We work with a wide range of garage door opener manufacturers like Chamberlain ,Liftmaster, Genie and Craftsman.

We can help with ALL your overhead door needs – whether it’s a broken garage spring, garage door repair or the need for an entirely new garage door.

Whether you’re looking to repair part of your existing garage door opener or want something entirely new ,our team of technicians will be able to offer guidance on which options are best suited for your home and budget.

Our prices are low but our standards always stay high when we work on any project! we provide opener services in Rockville like…


garage door Openers repair

New garage door Openers installation

garage door Remote program

Garage Door Opener Replacement

New Garage Doors Installation in Rockville Maryland

Need a whole new garage door installation? Because iFix is expert in garage door installation in Rockville MD, you can trust us with your new garage door installation needs.

Garage Door installation Company Rockville Maryland

Because of our years of experience in garage door replacement in Rockville MD, we are the leading garage door repair company throughout Maryland.

All overhead doors are installed by us with only premium quality products that have the highest warranty coverage and professional installation available for your peace of mind.

garage door installation in Rockville MD

Additionally, when it comes time to decide between a garage door replacement or repairing your old one, don’t worry about making a decision because we also offer garage door install and replacement services as well!

We Provide Overhead Door Services in Rockville for all major brands like


Wayne Dalton


and more…


contact us for a new door estimate!


I would definitely recommend going with iFix for any of your garage door issues! Jonathan came by for a free estimate and he was very knowledgeable. We’ve had issues for years and needed to finally install a new garage door opener. He will answer all of your questions, concerns, and provide you with advice! He helped me choose which opener to buy and how installation works. He explained everything really clearly and gave me advice on the different parts it comes with. Lastly, installation cost was a reasonable price!

Donna Huynh

new opener installation

The spring on my garage door snapped late Sunday. I called Jonathan at 6:30 a.m. on MLK day and he was here a couple of hours later with the parts needed. Less than an hour later all was done and price was very reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Mark Doc Shantz

garage door repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Rockville MD

When your garage door have a broken garage springs , you can rest assured that our team of experienced technicians will be able to fix the problem at an Affordable rate.

Garage door springs can last anywhere from 7-15 years, depending on factors such as garage door usage and climate conditions.


As with any service we provide , we offer the lowest rates in Rockville Maryland for all garage door services we provide including broken springs and garage door spring installation!


Get quality garage door spring replacement in Rockville and surrounding areas near Rockville Maryland by calling iFix your local garage door company!

Garage Door Cable Repair Rockville MD

Cables are one of the most common parts of a Overhead door system that can break or wear down over time due to regular use.

The main reason why cable failure occurs is the immense tension placed on these cables each time a garage door is opened or closed.

Garage doors are designed with safety in mind and have a limit to how far they can open/close, so if a cable snaps before it reaches this point, the chances of its springs being under tension increases which leads to an increased risk of personal injury.

We can help we this service in Rockville MD



Broken Cables

Cable replacements

Torsion Cables

Extension Cables

Residential and Commercial

garage door spring repair
garage door spring repair
garage door off track repair

Garage Door Tune-ups & Maintenance

some time all it need is garage door service such as tune-up or a small repair. that’s in most cases should be an affordable door repair.

our professional staff of highly trained technician will never try to upsell you with unnecessary expense.

We are a family operated company We’ll treat you the way we want to be treated, therefore we’ll handle you like we’d want to be handled. We

know that you care about your garage door, and we do too. Is it time for some regular maintenance on your Overhead door system?

A garage door tune-up is one of the best way to keep your garage door operating smoothly & efficiently. If nothing else, it’s worth the peace of mind!

Why should you select us?

when you look for a service provider for garage door repair services in Rockville Here are a few things to bear in mind as you get started.

– Make sure you select a garage door service that is licensed and has the necessary insurance to preform garage door services.

there is a lot of companies in Rockville that do not hold the necessary license & insurance.

– Avoid subcontractors: Some garage door companies use subcontractors to handle jobs that they don’t have time for, but if anything goes wrong with the work for some reason, you will be out of luck.

Always select the garage door companies that employs the technicians, and they will take care of your garage door repairs.

When you hire us for garage door repair services for your home project you will get a locally owned and operated company with a personal touch that non of the other companies in Rockville offers to their customers.

Professional installation garage door repair services

and offer free estimate so if you want to compare quotes for garage door repairs you are free to do so.

We are a family operated company We’ll treat you the way we want to be treated, therefore we’ll handle you like we’d want to be handled. We

know that you care about your garage door, and we do too. Is it time for some regular maintenance on your Overhead door system?

A garage door tune-up is one of the best way to keep your garage door operating smoothly & efficiently. If nothing else, it’s worth the peace of mind!

we take all garage doors job size

even if its just minor repairs like replace damaged tracks or broken garage door sensors. we can fix it all.

if you need residential garage door repairs in Rockville Maryland area give us a call and we will provide details on how we can help with your garage door repairs or replacement needs.

over 15 years of experience

with garage doors and combine with the high level of customer service we offer can say that we are the best company serving Rockville right now.

Locally Owned

we are local near you and provide affordable door services.

How much does it cost to replace garage door hardware?

Price to replace garage doors hardware vary from model to model and may vary depending on the type of accessories you have installed. depending on the brand of garage door and how much labor is involved.

Is fixing a garage door panels expensive?

Garage door repair services price depend on the repairs and parts needed for your garage doors. is this a residential or commercial clients? that will make a different so prices can be different.

How much does it cost to replace garage door spring?

Replacing garage door springs will vary on model and size on whether you have one spring or two on your Garage Doors. spring can range anywhere from $69-$189 for residential garage doors. normally with few quick questions we can give a more accurate estimate on most calls.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener?

Installation price of garage door openers vary. the cost to install a opener is $180-300 for most models and brands and can be installed in less than few hours.

How much does it cost to fix garage doors?

The cost of repairing garage doors depend on exactly what’s required for your specific situation so we will need a lot more info for those kind of garage door repair services.

Is fixing a garage doors expensive?

for the most part no. most garage door repair can be pretty affordable compere with price of replacements.

How do I fix my Overhead door?

It’s not difficult to fix a door when it’s something simple like changing the sensors or oil. If the door does not open and close properly, or if anything appears odd, we would strongly advise you to contact a professional for garage door repair.

Do you install garage doors?

Yes we provide installation of all types of overhead door including new openers, steel and wood sectional garage doors.

What types of Garage Doors do you Fix?

We fix all type of garage doors from broken springs to crooked tracks and everything involve for residential and commercial.

For questions about specific project call us anytime we would love to help!

So if you are looking for affordable garage door company that provide local garage door repair service and is family owned and operated you find the right place. book your Free Estimate today.

call us at!

(240) 599-5522